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William Hill Casino

William Hill Live Casino £25 new player bonus - play now When I started googling which online casinos were reputable, I was looking for those that had an established history. When I found William Hill Casino and learned that they’ve been in business for over 70 years, I was sold. I needed to feel like I was investing in a place that can engage me in fair play. They even offer “fun mode” which allows you to play for fun and not for money if you just want to do that. That’s a nice option. I’m not an advanced computer operator.

I just wasn’t in the generation that learned to function with it regularly, so I was also looking for a site that was accessible and easy to navigate. The last thing I wanted to find was a million flashing buttons in my face and not knowing if they were ads or what. The William Hill Casino website doesn’t have a ton of extraneous stuff on it so I didn’t find that problem much thankfully. The software was also no problem to download. Even if I didn’t want to download anything, instant play was also an option.

I Can Contact Them Anytime

There was a few things I had questions about in the beginning. I saw they had a customer service support that claimed 24/7 service, but I wasn’t holding my breath. I’ve sat on the line through too many looping robot voices to really expect to talk to a human. To my sweet surprise, however, someone actually picked up the phone when I called. That was pretty impressive.

William Hill Casino free game and bonusI’m a old -fashioned kind of guy, so I like traditional games like I used to play with my dad and uncles back in the day. William Hill Casino as the best australian online casino, has a lot of the familiar table and card game classics such as Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. Sometimes when I’m in the mood for time-pass without strategy, I also opt from the slots whose themes engage me in plenty of action.

William Hill Welcome Bonus

I enjoyed taking advantage of my free new player bonus and actually I won on the first round of play! I told my friend about it and they signed up. To my surprise, I was even given a 50 pound bonus for them signing up, too. I am always discovering new player rewards as I go along. There always seems to be an unexpected bonus.