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While it’s natural for people to resist change sometimes, sometimes trying something new can really pay off. In the case of online casino gaming, this could be literal. While you may be used to going to the casino to play poker, but there are a lot of reasons why you should give online poker a try. Read on to learn the 5 advantages of playing online video poker.

Control of Your Environment

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The drama at casinos to be a little jarring sometimes, startling to nerves and challenging to the ability to focus. Some people also find it difficult to be around alcohol consumption and the smell of tobacco.

The lights, sounds, TV’s and pretty and sometimes scantily dressed waitresses also can be too much sometimes. It all depends on what kind of person you are and what you like. Some people thrive on all these factors and it’s part of what they love about gambling and others don’t.

No Limitations in Time and Place

It may be quite a production to actually physically get yourself to a casino, depending on the distance from your residence. Of course that cuts into your funds and time. If you live too far away and you want to spend a good amount of time there, you’ll also have to stay in a hotel room. This all adds up significantly.

Learn more about strategies on playing online poker at exclamation-dollar-dollar-gambling.comIf you like to drink when you play, you also can’t drive when you’re still under the influence. Also, you will get hungry at some point and will probably end up eating something delicious but not good for health. Look around the next time you visit a casino. You’ll see a lot of overweight people. When you play at home, you don’t have to worry about DWI’s, you can cook your own food and spend your time more effectively.

When you have online poker on your mobile, you can play anywhere and at any time regardless of circumstance. Long wait in line at the DMV? No problem, just pull your phone out and start playing! Endless wait at the health clinic? Well, with online poker installed on your mobile, you have a way to pass the time. Many people in urban areas that have long commutes on public transport also really enjoy online video poker.

Variations on Gameplay and Strategy

Some people like having more than one game going at once. This is something that is only possible online as many windows can be open at once if you please. Some people really like this aspect if they’ve been playing awhile and want more of a challenge to keep them stimulated.

Another nice thing about playing at home on your PC or mobile is that if you want you can access analyzation tools at your fingertips without your opponents even realizing it.

Check out $150 welcome bonus up to 100% - play nowYou can make calculations based on stats and outsmart your opponent. You can also use reference guides incaseyour forget certain rules. It may not be the traditional way of playing, but if you’re new to playing, you’ve got to learn somehow. Also remember anyone who wants could be doing this so actually the playing field is level.

Lower Stakes in Online Poker

If you like to be remain moderate and in control of your stakes, online poker is the best choice. While it may take a while to earn a significant amount of money online as opposed to the sporadic big wins at casinos, as the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race”.

Avoiding the People Who try to Mess with Your Head

Playing online video poker will also help you avoid the kinds of people who resort to distraction techniques such as loudly yelling, coughing at crucial moments, and sometimes even telling you how you misplayed your hand. While there may be some people really are trying to help or make conversation, others are just being manipulative and trying to get an edge in the game.