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Where Your Eyes Should Be Looking When Playing Craps

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Analyzing your game is crucial while playing craps in a live casino. There are many approaches. While some people will tell you to look at the dealer for any signs of cheating, it seems best to keep your eyes on the dice. It’s hard to say with absolute certainty that one way is best for everyone, but whatever way you chose, doing it consistently is of utmost importance. This article will focus on the importance of closely analyzing your own dice throws as well as those of others.

Watching the Dice

At the start of a game of craps, fix your eyes on the dice and don’t take them off them for the entire game. Craps is a game of dice manipulation and hand and eye coordination figure significantly into it. The dice will go towards the place that you are looking when you cast them. When you watch the dice being thrown, observe the manner by which they actually leave your hand.

Expert crap players can actually predict the outcome of the throw by noticing how the hand looks just before the dice go flying through the air. They also look at how the dice rotate, land, and the position they’re in. These things all give valuable clues and information for them to get a competitive edge. When a crap player observes these things, his or her skills improve as well as he or she learns the importance and necessity of being able to toss dice well.

Tune in to Signs of Illegitimate Gaming

Roll the dice and be the winner in crapsThere is a difference between having skills to manipulate and being crooked. It takes time to notice the difference. When you know what to look for, mentally mark the suspect players for closer observation. Some examples of other kinds of cheating that have been found throughout gambling history occasionally are casinos that deploy a fake player to manipulate a game. Gaffed dice are another thing that cheaters bring to the table.

They look like regular dice at first glance, but actually have certain numbers left off. Only three faces are visible at a time to other players so they often don’t catch on. Another kind of cheater’s dice are called loaded dice, also known as weights. They slightly tilt the odds in the cheater’s favor. These are uncommon these days, though because most casinos engrave their logos on the dice and use a very particular and unique shade to the coloring of them.

Dice Control

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While some people feel dice control is cheating, others see it as a specialized skill that everyone must have in their tool box to keep a competitive edge. To avoid conflict, wise craps players disguise their use of dice control techniques. As far as observing other players to keep your strategy informed, this can get very tricky. Their actions and impressions will be subtle and underemphasized a lot of the time. It’s more about watching for subtleties than the obvious.

Free £30 and £600 welcome bonus at Winner_use bonus code: ALLWIN - play nowLearn the techniques that people use to disguise their capabilities with the dice. You will not see unusual movements that stand out. You will actually want to look for who seems to want to blending in too much. Some examples of suspicious activity may include an overemphasis on simple bets, patterns in how their throws are performed, and if they seem to always limit the amount of time they spend at the table, giving you less time to notice them.

Mimicking the Crowd

Players who are trying to blend in and disguise their real skills often mimic other players. Some things that you might see are quirky mannerisms, subscribing to superstitious activity, and screaming out numbers as they throw. Straight faces without emotion are suspect. People who are animated, lively, and seem out of control could just be pulling a fast one on you.

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