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Exclamation Dollar Dollar Gambling came about as a result of a night out among family members. Jimmy had just graduated from college and his dad, Ken, and uncles Dan and Pat had taken him out to celebrate. Chatting over beers, Jimmy proposed the idea of Exclamation Dollar Dollar Gambling to his father and uncles as a way to promote themselves as seasoned gambling professionals who could act as advisors to others who wanted to develop their poker strategies and skills.

Ken, Dan, and Pat were a dynamic gambling duo since their college years. Pat, the eldest, was actually so good at poker that he had actually collected enough to pay not only his but his brother’s college tuition fees for two years. Ken and Dan were studying economics and business and were familiar with how to calculate probability factors and predict outcomes with precision. In 1983, Pat actually was so good that he left college to pursue the art of poker full time.

Ken and Dan finished their degrees in 1985 with honors and went on to gain employment in prestigious firms. They would sometimes join their brother Pat at casinos for long weekends and eventually they became quite the ace players themselves. The three of them would usually clean up the joint and go home luckier than their wildest dreams a lot of the time. Those were good days.

The Big Gamblers

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As with most people, life takes turns that require compromise. Within the next decade, all three brothers were married with children. Pat’s wife didn’t like him to be out of the house all the time and wanted him to get a “real job”. Pat went to school at night to study website designs while raising his kids. Ken and Dan had moved to separate states as a result of getting placed by new business firms in different states. Their contact became limited to e mails and phone calls.

About 5 years ago, all three brothers finally got I-phones and started scheduling online poker playing meetings. While it started off as a simple time-pass and way to connect, it evolved into something highly competitive and quite lucrative as they expanded outside of their own circle, challenging other online poker players from all over the world. They became a force to be reckoned with. Many mavericks stepped forth to challenge them and many lost.

While the wages they bet were not very high per game, they added up and amounted to a considerable sum after a couple short years. It seemed their old fall-back had taken the lead once again. Their wives didn’t mind this time because they were at home and didn’t come home smelling like a casino anymore. Pat created this website and Jimmy his nephew promotes it. Jimmy is a social networking genius and is sure to attract more and more people to become interested in the benefits of online poker playing.

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We Are On A Gambling Mission is a website whose mission is simple, to spread the pure joy of playing poker, which they believe is not all that possible when combined with the distracting casino Platinum Play Casino 1500 Free bets no deposit - Click hereenvironment. The team at has an aim to help advise anyone who really loves the game of poker and really doesn’t like going to the casino or sees that many other advantages of playing online.

They consider their financial successes as a result of their genuine love of the game. They would have played online poker even if they hadn’t gotten wealthy from it. That was just a bonus. If it could happen to them, it can happen to you. Getting them on your team and learning from them could save you lots of time and effort. Their love of poker is contagious and is sure to make it’s way into your own experience.